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Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself a little better, my name is Morgane, I am French and I live in Edinburgh since November 2016.

English is not my mother tongue so sometime I can make some mistake, but I think writing can really help me with my faults, so be nice with me ^^’.

I decided to move in Scotland to have a new start, I wanted to change air, to leave France for a while – don’t get me wrong I love France and I am proud to be French but I just love to live abroad like an expatriated. I already lived in Belgium in Brussels and in Italy in Florence, and I was never happier. I like to share my culture and in the same time discover a new one.

So why Scotland? Maybe for some unconscious historical reason – the Old Alliance is still in our hearts! More seriously, Scotland is a mysterious little country full of legends – hello Nessie! – with a strong culture and history.

I always lived surrounded by nature, in France I come from an area called “Sologne”, near the Loire Valley and all the amazing castles – Chambord, Cheverny, Chenonceau, … – basically it is forest everywhere, swamps and tarns with a lot of hunting properties (not so fan of that part!), so I cannot live to far from nature and in cities like Paris without a lot of parks and outdoors it is quite difficult for me. So Edinburgh is pretty amazing for that, nature is literally everywhere with parks, meadows, hills, in a short ride in bus you’re in the middle of nowhere, there is also the sea and everything, so perfect!

Edinburgh is a dynamic city as well, a capital with a human size, there is everything we can expect from a capital – museums, galleries, big shopping centers – and it is a cosmopolitan city with a lot of different cultures, which involves shops and restaurants.

Ultimately Edinburgh is a good compromise between nature and big city.

In this blog I will try to share my passions, my discoveries and my good deals, my friends always say that I am the best for good deal, so let’s see.

I am kind of addicted to series; my TV Show Time’s profile is “MonkeyMo”, if you’re interested.

More personally, I am vegetarian almost since 10 years now (but I’m not so old!) and I only use cruelty-free products. I am vegetarian for the ethic, not for the trend! so for me that involves to be against the tests on the animals, it can’t be in a different ways – I don’t eat them so I don’t test on them! But it’s my personal opinion I will not post some terrifying photos of test on animals, to prove that my point of view is the best – only my tips, recipes and deals for those who are a little lost or start with this new lifestyle.

Professionally, I am an Art Historian with a Master’s degree in Flemish Primitives paintings but I also worked as a bookseller – which I love to do, I have a real passion for books, second-hands especially.

Finally, I like to describe myself as a citizen of the World, I love my Old Continent, I love to travel, discover new cultures through their cuisines – I cook a lot – and traditions, and I always have a camera with me to capture the moment and the beauties of nature.